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Veronique Collection’s October 2018 Giveaway – Winner Announced

At Veronique Collection we aim to have at least one huge giveaway every month. So, for this month’s giveaway we had a Kylie Jenner X Jordyn Collection Bundle by Kylie Cosmetics (worth over $150). Also, we had some unannounced participation gifts for all participants. All who participated got a free watch from our store.


Kylie Jenner X Jordyn Collection Bundle 

Veronique's collection giveaway ended on the 28th of October 2018 and the winner was chosen from our automated giveaway partner King Sumo (The draw was completely automated). The winner of Veronique Collection’s September Giveaway was Zelda Peterson from Hawaii, USA.


Don’t be sad if you didn’t win this time we always have a giveaway every month.


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